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Cooking with STEM

One might ask the question what does ‘Cooking’ have to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). How can you learn about chemistry, engineering, gases, metals, chemical reaction, and ecosystems through Culinary Arts? Well, any chef can tell you food is the one language that can communicate all of these lessons with excitement!

The Cooking with STEM program was created to make learning these disciplines simple while allowing children to engage all of their senses while journeying through the worlds of creation, testing, analysis and consumption. The lessons in Cooking with STEM are designed to meet children where they are by using treats they’re familiar with like: Soda, gum, bubble tea, pasta etc. We delve into understanding the characteristic elements of these treats using both the related scientific and simplified terms to eliminate learning blocks. Then we make these treats from scratch, naturally, and enjoy them as the finale!

Imagine, Explore, Inspire, then Eat

This workshop focuses on one of the fundamental states of matter: GAS. Some forms we cover are Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Helium, among others.

In our Engineering workshop we cover historical cultural norms related to food and learn how to construct different types of dishes using the same base ingredients.

The Ecosystems & Greenhouse Effect workshops cover climates things we consume are grown, the effects of climate change and the impact on the future. 


Celebrity Chef Ameerah Watson can facilitate most of these lessons right in the classroom or at an offsite facility, and can be taught in succession as a daily or weekly lesson. She is accompanied by additional staff to maintain a Student to Facilitator ratio. Each class includes lab, theory, exploration, analysis, creation and consumption. Usually children are able to take home a portion of what they created to share what they learned that day with their family; if they don’t eat it all themselves. A Science Fair can be hosted onsite at the completion of all selected courses with stations setup to allow participants who completed the courses to demonstrate what they’ve learned. It provides an impromptu scenario that causes the participant to draw on what they’ve learned in order to successfully complete the experiment.  

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