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American Culinary Federation  Childhood Nutrition Day 2013


Qiana Martin, Chef & Child advisory board member, teamed up with Chef Ameerah Watson to celebrate Eat Soccer's Smoothie + Sport for Childhood Nutrition Day with students at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Atlanta. Through a collaboration with Vitamix, ACF, Georgia Soccer and Attack Youth Soccer participants made tasty and healthy smoothies and performed cool soccer tricks. 


Atlanta Magazine  27-year-old Atlantan competes on Food Network’s “Restaurant Express” 


A graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and the owner of a company called Intimate Chef of Atlanta, Ameerah Watson will appear on Robert Irvine’s Food Network show “Restaurant Express” Sunday at 9 p.m. The 27-year-old single mother and former Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead chef recently competed against eight others for an executive chef position at the M Resort Spa Casino in Las Vegas. Though she’s keeping mum about the outcome of the challenges—which test both culinary and business skills—Watson gave us a glimpse into her life on and off the show....(read more)


Miss Foodie Fab  2013 Atlanta Chef Expo


“The Chef’s Table” section of the expo held Atlanta’s private and independent chefs dishing out some of their best dishes. Chef Ameerah Watson’s, of Intimate Chef of Atlanta, fish and grits made many people come back for seconds to “The Chef’s Table” section.


Mise en Place  Eat My Words


This week we talk with Ameerah Watson, aka ‘Creole Peach’. Chef Ameerah was born in New Orleans where she received the foundation of her flavoring style. Later in life her mother, who was raised vegetarian, moved the family to Atlanta where Ameerah was primarily raised but still spent her summers in New Orleans. Each of these two southern cities are well known for their unique styles of cooking and flavours.


Paired with her Culinary Arts degree, she completed her Naturopathic Medicine certification in 2008 through the Phoenix Rising Institute to support her focus on the true root of food and what it can do for the human body. These two backgrounds, along with her upbringing, have resulted in Chef Ameerah being well versed in meeting every dietary need with flavour and colour.



We contacted Chef Ameerah during a very exciting time. She has been chosen as one of 9 Chefs to take part in a new TV reality competition show called “Restaurant Express” which aired in November....(read more)


I Am JMARiiE Magazine  Chef Expo


The chefs represented all walks of the culinary world, from soul food to fine dining.  Some of the highlights for us were the catering companies.  They seemed to have the most unique dishes and the personalities shown through in their food.  Our personal favorite catering chef was, Intimate Chef Ameerah Watson.  She specialized in foods considered to be aphrodisiacs.  The basil lemonade was amazing and the stuffed strawberries filled with creamy goodness were addictive.


Atlanta Talent Magazine  Ameerah Watson


Chef Ameerah Watson, also known as the Creole Peach, is the founder of Intimate Chef of Atlanta. With more than 10 years of successful professional experience in various aspects of the culinary industry, she is quickly growing in popularity. As a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, she has worked for multiple fine dining establishments like the JW Marriott of Buckhead and the Ritz Carlton, as well as appearing on the nationally televised Food Network. (read more)


The Cascade Patch  Intimate Cafe’s Fresh Food Chef


Three generations of women continue a tradition of eating fresh food for healthier living with the new Intimate Cafe in the Urban Suburban building on MLK.


Seated on a high chair with her small fist curled around a plastic spoon, Ameerah Watson was barely tall enough to see into the pot as she stirred sautéed potatoes on a hot stove. She was only 18-months-old. But she grew to love the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that come with preparing dishes of a modern variety – including Mexican, French, Caribbean, African and Southern.


Watson would watch her mom, aunts and grandmothers cook, southern style in iron skillets, as they prepared dishes made from scratch.  On special occasions, the three generations of women piled into one kitchen, exchanging tradition, culture and recipes while the youngest among them soaked it all in.

In their midst, Watson developed a love …. (read more)