ICA Meal Planning

Why should you meal plan?

Although many of you out there know that meal planning is a reasonably good idea, do you know why? Of course, you’re smart, well studied and have an excellent grasp on life. But still allow me to explain the importance of meal planning to all others.

Meal planning is the processes of pre-planning your meals for one or more weeks ahead. 

Many of us are fully capable of cooking, yet don’t. Why? You work all day dealing with stressful managers, coworkers, customers and more. You give your day 100 plus 10% and then you are tired, and rightful so. All brain juices have slowed down and still there’s more work to be done at home. You, like most others, are tired of fast food, dining out and leftovers. You would be fine going hungry if it weren't for the fact that you also have a family to feed. On average it takes an hour for an American adult to cook a family dinner.

Are you also one who goes grocery shopping on the weekend? Getting all the staple items for your family and the meats, seafood and veggies that seem like a good idea to cook while looking at them in the store. Only to go the entire week without cooking because you are so pooped and most of your fresh food spoils except for those trusty carrots in the back of the fridge now growing more roots. What a waste of food and money and you're still tired and hungry. The typical family of 4 spends $175 a week on groceries.

This, my friends, is the answer to the question of the hour: Why should you meal plan?

Now who has time or energy to meal plan? After a full week of working, taking care of the children including the after school activities plus homework, cleaning, laundry; oh and showing your spouse some love and yourself a little sleep, that doesn't leave time for much else. The best time to meal plan would be the weekend, but sleeping or staring at a wall feels like a better use of free time before starting your week again. Plus taking the time to eating healthy? Forget about. Most American families eat out or get take-out twice a week, average cost $75

Now allow me to rephrase the question. Can someone else meal plan for you?


Absolutely! Hello My name is Chef Ameerah with the Intimate Chef of Atlanta and we do meal planning. Here is how it works. We provide a weekly menu for 5 days of meals. All items are prepared from scratch using the freshest ingredients, and all diet/preferences can be supported. 
Pick up is once a week at a central location every Monday.

One person: $8 per meal; $40 per week                                     Family of 4:  $36 per meal;, $180 per week



Just imagine if you had these delicious meals 5 days per week for the next month from our sample menus. How much easier and healthier would your life be? 

Week 1

1.    ICA specialty Lasagna with fresh made Garlic Bread and Kale Salad
2.    Marinade Shrimp and Pineapple Kabobs with Sesame Stir Fried Vegetables and Rice
3.    Taco and Burrito supreme. Ground Season Turkey or Meat Substitute, Pico de Galo, Shredded Cheese and Sour Cream and Yellow Rice.
4.    Jerk Seared Salmon Topped Brussel Sprout Cranberry Salad with Quinoa and Grille Veggies
5.    Stuffed Chicken Breast with Barley Pilaf and Arugula Salad


Week 2

1.    Seafood Stuffed Whiting  with Mashed Potato Casserole and Swiss Chard
2.    Classic family favorite Spaghetti with Kale salad and Fresh Garlic Bread
3.    Louisiana style Stuffed Bell Peppers with Herb Baked Chicken and Sautéed Green Beans.
4.    Chicken or Veggie Enchiladas with Black Beans and Corn. Yellow rice and mini pepper Vegetable Medley
5.    Shrimp and Fish Etouffe with Rice, Chef Salad and Garlic Biscuits 

Week 3

1.    Creamy Alfredo with Blackened Flounder and Broccoli 
2.    Smoky Chicken Fajitas with Yellow Rice and Flash Broiled Corn and Peppers
3.    Traditional Sheppard’s Pie with Spinach Salad and Corn Bread
4.    Stewed Curry Chicken with Cabbage and Seasoned Rice
5.    New Orleans style Jambalaya with Chicken, Turkey Sausage and Veggies. Green Beans and Salad on the side.

Week 4

1.    Pesto Linguini Pasta Salad with Grilled Shrimp and Steamed Season Spring Vegetables
2.    Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken with Red Bean and Rice with Mini Peppers
3.    Citrus Crusted Flounder, Vegetable Stir Fried Quinoa and Garden Salad
4.    Southern Turkey Chili with Potatoes and Southwestern Salad
5.    Pan Seared Salmon with Ginger Teriyaki Broccoli and Brown Rice